Cities to see: United States Edition

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So, summer is coming around the corner I know that’s the time when everyone travels or checks things off their bucket list. If you haven’t already chosen places to see this summer or want a little more inspiration; I put together my top cities to explore and things to do.

1. New Orleans

If you go to Louisiana you have to stop in New Orleans. When you are there you have to stop by the French Quarter and see the French Market, which is always lively and jamming with noise. A few doors down from the French Market is Cafe du Monde. A little cafe right next to Jackson Square. Here they sell beignets and coffee which are to die for. (We had to grab 3 different orders of beignets.) If you don’t want to waste money, walking around and exploring the city is great because New Orleans breaths art and music, every corner you turn is something new.

2. St. Louis

This is next on my list of cities to see because the vibe of the city is intoxicating and you always find a way to have fun. If you have time to stop here make sure to stop and see the City Museum; it’s like a giant playground for all ages and you could spend all day there. And as everyone knows the Gateway Arch is a must when you visit St. Louis.

3. Duluth

For anyone living in Wisconsin this is any easy trip to make by car and is 100% worth it. My mom loves this city. Even though it is small, there are millions of things to do. First, if you like hiking or just love a great view stop at Enger Tower. If you love big houses and tours you should check out Glensheen, which has great photo opts and a scary story behind its history. Next you should check out Canal Park for places to shop and dine. Overall great city to go check out for a long weekend.

4. Louisville

If you get a chance Louisville is a great place to stop and see. You can check out the Slugger Museum or the Kentucky Derby Museum if you’re looking for things to do. But you just want to do a little exploring, take out the geocaching app and start hunting around the city. You never know what you’ll find or the places you’ll see.

I know, I know this is a small list, but these are just some of my favorites places that I’ve been to. I can’t wait to visit Boston, Seattle, and San Francisco because those are top on my bucket list. Leave a comment letting me know what other cities you want to visit that are on your bucket list or cities that are your favorite below!

Quote of the Week: “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”


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