Shhh! It's a secret.

Hey guys,

First I wanted to say sorry for not writing a lot since my birthday, but it’s been so busy. Schools almost over and in 3 months I’m off. Before I go I wanted to let everyone know a few of my favorite “getaway” places to see in Wisconsin. These aren’t on your regular tourist sights to see, but I love secret places that no one knows of and I’m sure there are people out there who feel the same. So without further a do here’s my Top 5 Sights to See.

1.  Spectacular Sculpture 

This is owned by the artist and is located at his house. You are able to park on/near their driveway and look around for free. It’s amazing to see art in a organic setting and be able to see the true colors in the light of the sun.

 2. Monches Farm

This cute getaway garden is located off of Monches Rd and is so beautiful I could not stop taking pictures. There are millions of succulents and other plants to buy, not only that they have chickens rooming around the gardens. It’s like a little zoo. Also beware the greenhouse if you don’t like birds.

3. Solvay Coke & Gas, Co. 

This is an abandoned gas power plant that is 47 acres long in Milwaukee, WI. The US Environmental Protection Agency is still overseeing the cleanup. 

4. Safe House

This restaurant has a secret password and everything to get in. Once inside you can relax and spy on the other guests. Not only is this a spy “themed” restruant, but it is said that a real life spy came threw the hidden hallways of the restaurant once. After you are done eating you can go out the easy way or go out in spy style. 😉 

5. Geocaching 

This not only allows you to explore just one state, but you can do this is an other state, region, territory, or country. Like a treasure hunt, you hunt for the hidden object and there may be prizes or there may not be. But without geocaching I would have never found these other hidden gems. 

So go out there and explore the world because it’s waiting for you!


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