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February 6, 2016

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting recently, but I just wanted to update everyone really quick and then explain what I did for my early sweet 16 birthday party.

First, my application has been accepted by AFS-USA and is now in the process of being accepted by AFS-FRANCE, so it looks like everything is going well so far. Anyway I may not be posted about my study abroad application process because it may take a couple of months for AFS-FRANCE to accept my application.

Anyway now for the other subject I’m going to be talking about, which I’m really excited to share, my sweet 16! To start off, I wanted my decor and everything else to be budget friendly and affordable, so I did most of the stuff myself (DIY). First, was the birthday invitations, which for my travel themed party was a boarding pass with all the information needed so people knew where to be and what time to show up. With the boarding pass came a mini passport where people could bring to the party and collect stamps from the cities we traveled too.

Second, I came up with a simple agenda plan to show everyone what was happening during the party. I also ended up having four countries that we were planing to “visit”; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; London, England; and New York, New York. Also in each location we did an activity.


In Rome we had a pizza making class and an art sculpture class. Then, in Paris we had a photo booth and a crepe making class. Next, In London we had a blind makeup challenge and a fashion competition. Finally in, our last stop, New York we watched an old movie and ended up going to sleep before it ended.

I loved my sweet sixteen and even though it took a week to decorate the house and about a month to plan I definitely think there is a career waiting for me! 😉 Overall it was an awesome night spent with awesome people and I couldn’t have asked for a better sweet 16 and a huge thank you for the birthday wishes and presents. Love you guys!



Lucy giving peace to the world!

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