Study Abroad 101

Why Study Abroad?

Hey guys,

Many of you may be reading my blog or seeing my twitter for my Etsy and wondering why I would choose to study abroad. I am in my sophomore year of high school and next year, junior year, I hope to leave my home, friends, and family for a whole year to move to France. Now, some of friends have asked my with puzzled expressions, “What about the ACT or the SAT we have to take next year.” Well, I’m here to say that I’ve talked to my counselor already and we have everything worked out, but thanks for worrying about me. No, but really everyone has been either confused why I would go, or really surprised; which, to say at the least is really nice because it feels good to have people you can lean on and talk to. 

Now back to why I really want to study abroad…To start off, I randomly got the idea, “I want to study abroad.” But the problem was I didn’t know anything about it at all… and I mean at all, NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP. As I started to talk to my counselor she suggested AFS, a program for studying abroad. I researched their programs and where people could study abroad. When I saw people could study abroad in France, I knew I had to do it. Also from my research, I found out I could stay in another country for up to a year, a YEAR!! And that amazed me, that I could say I lived in another country and got to experience the culture, people, and traditions. I have to admit my number one reason to study abroad would be experience a different culture that I am obsessed with, aka France. Kinda creepy, I know, but I feel that if I was born again I would be a french person, just saying.

Overall, if I don’t raise enough money this year to study abroad, I will be trying my hardest to raise enough to go senior year. No matter what, I will raise enough even if I have to pick up a few odd jobs here and there. 

Quote of the Week:

But as Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; It takes sweat, determination, and and hard work.”

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