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Field of the Lost Keys

You guys will laugh when you hear this story. So, yesterday Lizzie and I headed down to Monches to explore and take pictures. My goal of the day was to find a field of flowers to take pictures in. First, we ended up getting lost and going through a back road near Holy Hill. Then, we finally made to a field(no flowers present) and we thought everything was good, everything was great. But we were WRONG!

After we took some pictures of us frolicking in the field, like you do. We deiced to head back to the car because Lizzie and I both had to get back home. When we reached the car and got in Lizzie soon realized that the keys were gone! I automatically started laughing because you know that’s just who I am. We walked down to the field and started our search and we ended up never finding them. To this day they probably will never be found. But we did end up getting my grandma to drive us to Lizzie’s house to get the spare keys and made it home on time. #prayforthelostkeys

P.S. thank you field for giving me itchy legs forever I will always remember you now. 


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