Crashing In An Instant



You never truly think anything is ever going to happen to you or someone close to you, but that can all change in an instant. When you turn on the news and see broadcasts of accidents and vicious murders you start thinking,”Why would someone do that?” or “Lucky that wasn’t me.”or “Can’t believe that happened.” But does it ever cross your mind that that could be you or someone you love. There are an average of 5,419,000 car crashes in the United States alone, so why couldn’t it happen to you? You could die by the hands of someone else and everything could change.

As many Americans know texting while driving is illegal, but as most of us know many people still do it. 330,000 injures are caused by texting and driving in the United States and there could be many more. So, why couldn’t this be you? Why couldn’t you be dead in a split second because of someone being selfish and texting to their friend? Why couldn’t you be the cause for someone’s death because you had to send a text?

Many people who are close to me probably heard about my friend’s accident by now, and I just can’t believe that in an instance everything can change. Earlier that day we had school and it was just like any other day, but that all changed. After school we decided to study for finals and hit the library. We ended up studying till 5:30 because as many people know I can never resist a white board. After my friend and driven me home she pulled out of my driveway and started towards her neighborhood which was maybe a mile away.

“I dropped you off saw a white car coming from that hill had enough time to go. I went sped up to 55 turned my blinker on way before my neighborhood I completely stopped waiting for cars in the other lane to pass and to the right of me there was a lane you could pass me if you kept going straight. The lady was not paying attention, she said to the cop she was drinking water but, if you were drinking you would be look up at road. She was obviously texting and driving. She hit me in the center and didn’t even try to go around. She hit me, my car went 10 feet maybe even further…. My brother saw this all happen he witnessed me at my near death experience. I pulled over with the energy left of the car. I looked back at my trunk and I saw it pushed in. I cried got out of my car, holding my head calling for my brother to help me. A very nice old couple came to make sure I was okay and she relaxed me. [My brother] called my mom and dad right away. The couple called 911. People that live right over there in that greenish house the mom rushed over and helped because she’s a nurse. Took the cops about 8 minutes to get there. Ambulance came and fire truck. They checked me over and I asked if there was any needles involved. I hit my head on the visor metal bar. The people that hit me never came over to see if I was okay they just looked at me crying but, they just looked like they were crying and the mom and daughter just hugged. Never talked to me. When my dad went over he said she lost both her parents to a car accident”- Anonymous

This quote was said directly from the victim of the accident. If any funny stuff were to come out of this it would  be that we had summer plans made, plans made for the weekend and all in an quick second everything changed. Everything we had planned was gone. Plans to see the world disappeared. Yes, she is getting a car but, when will that be? How can someone not pay enough attention or take the time to focus on driving and realize that people lives’ and plans for the future are at risk. No one was dangerously hurt in the accident, and I know that there have been far worse accidents than this one, but think of the families and friends you hurt when you are out driving and doing something you shouldn’t be. Think about how your mistake can change not only your future, but theirs as well. Take the time, whether it be a few minutes or an hour, to really focus on driving and pay attention to the roads because you never know what can happen in an instance.



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