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Dressing for Success

First day of finals is DONE!! Yay, only two more days of finals and then I take my ACT and it’s SUMMER!!! For the up coming season, I wanted to share my last school outfits before I’m off on my adventures and lazy days. I like to stay chic boho with a twist of causal. Hope this inspires you guys and gives you some ideas.


Day 1

Because Wisconsin has weird weather I included pants for all of the outfits. Also even if the weather is warmer than the school is freezing, don’t ask why our school is weird.



I also like to have cute, messy, relaxed hair because it gives the outfit an effortless look to it.



This is for sure my favorite outfit out of the three because it’s simple just a shirt, pants, and some accessories but, it looks put together and chic.

Even though school is just school it doesn’t mean you have to “dress down” or “dress up”. Dress the way that makes you feel like you and shows your personality because it shouldn’t matter who likes or dislikes your outfit. All these weeks of studying will finally be paying off and remember summer is almost here. Hope you guys do well on finals and remember I believe you can do it!


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