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How To Create An Instagram Theme and Edit Photos

Keeping up with many trends and themes on Instagram can be exhausting, but creating your own and creating who you are is even more exhausting. So, I decided to share some of my tips I’ve learned over the years with you guys. Before we get into it I wanted to address that any social media like Instagram, VSCO, Blogs, or anything in between is a creative outlet where YOU CAN BE YOU no matter what anyone else says. Everything is personal preference and a way for you to express how you see the world.

1. Filters, Filters, Filters  

Filters can get a bad rep for altering photos and creating an unrealistic view of the world, but I see it as a way of bringing out features that are hidden and bringing out color. For example, the picture below shows how I edited a picture for my VSCO. Yes, its over exaggerated but, I wanted to bring the colors out and show more vibrance in the photo. The way I edited this photo may not work for all photos because it depends on a number of things like lighting, shadows, colors, etc. So, I included another photo with different filters as well.    *I also included what I changed to the photo in the pink circle.


Another little tip, for VSCO specifically, is that if you hit a photo and click the circle in the lower right hand corner you will get a bar of more options. Then, you want to hit ‘Copy Edits’ and that will allow you to post those edits onto other photos.


2. Take thousands of pictures

Yes, yes, yes times thousand. If you don’t think you took enough than you’re probably right. I know I always regret not taking enough photos when I go out because I either forget or think I have enough. But too many is NEVER enough. Get a friend to take your photos for you and tell them to do burst mode or just take a million. Let them take pictures from different angles as well because you never which you will like later on. Remember that natural poses are better than structure and stiff poses. Taking pictures when in the moment or when people are walking, talking, jumping, etc creates a more likable photo.


3. Find inspiration anywhere

Whether your at your house on the couch or in a city you can find inspiration anywhere. When I go exploring I look for things out of the ordinary, things that make me stop and stare. You can also check out Pinterest and see what is treading in the ‘popular’ column.  Along with inspiration, I love to include symmetry in my photos when there are more than two objects because it catches the eye and “hooks” the viewer. I also use the 3rd rule for single objects like the photo below. Adjusting the picture to make it more visually enticing creates a different feel to the overall view.


4. Creating Flat lays 

You may be wondering what a flat lay is or how to perfect this specific type of photo, well here you go. A flat lay is a simple chic way to show favorites, essentials, or just about anything. They are taken from above and are a straight on view of the object(s). Vogue magazine stated, “Flat lay photos have become the new ‘in’ thing on Instagram – they’re classic, simple and chic ways to show off your favourite objects and current addictions in a pretty way.” And they truly are! It’s a great way to change up your feed and show your creative side. Getting everything nice and straight and not in an awkward position is the hard part.


5. Check before you post

If you are truly trying to achieve an Instagram theme you have to be willing to put in a lot of time, and I mean a lot. To make it easier for you guys here’s a quick tip I found. Pre checking your photos using VSCO to see if they have a theme and correlate to each other is an easier way than posting your photos on Instagram and deleting them when they don’t look good.



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