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Art of Travel Journaling

My love for drawing and crafting combined with the will to travel is mixed all into one when I create my travel journals. Travel journals show the places you’ve been or the places you want to go. They show your day to day life that you can look back on in the future.



Inspiration doesn’t always hit when I’m on the road so, to deal with that I turn to Pinterest. They always have great ideas to get inspiration going. Yes, some ideas are really really good, but I always try to put I’m own twist on it to make it my own.



Also here are some tools you can use to create a memorable travel journal.

  1. Photos/Postcards

By attaching photos from your trip you can look back on the adventure you had and you can attach postcards as well.

 2. Color

Adding vibrant colors can help create a fun and amazing journal to show how much fun you had during your trip.



     3. Drawings

Hand-drawn drawings are a must, even if you can’t draw. Drawings can show more details than a picture and can show how you see the world versus the camera lens.

4. Text

Writing about your journey can help give a more visual picture to your brain as you read back on your travels.

5. Others

Placing other things into your travel journal can give a 3D effect to any journal. (tickets, coffee stains, maps, etc.)



Favorite Travel Journal Inspiration: 










5 thoughts on “Art of Travel Journaling

  1. Wow! Those pages look amazing. I mostly use my travel journal to collect my tickets and I sometimes make a drawing or two, but that’s it. I should get more creative with mine, now that I’ve seen what’s possible.

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