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5 ways to remember your time abroad

When you travel abroad you will experience unforgettable events that will stay with you forever. But if your one of those people that doesn’t remember everything or the kind of person that wants physical objects to look at to remember your time abroad, than here are some DIY ideas for you guys to try next time you travel.

  1. Travel Journal

As I talked about before in my last post, travel journaling is a great way to captivate moments and gather tickets, maps, pictures, postcards, etc.  all in one place. One page idea I suggest for any study abroad travel journal in a Year in Pixels (picture below). This page is amazing for the reason that you can look back on how you felt during your year/semester abroad and see that not everyday is horrible when your feeling down.


2. Postcard Book

If you love postcards as much as I do then this is the project for you. You send postcards to your house back home while you are away; writing the days events that happened to you. When you get home you bind the postcards together and can read though them to remember your trip.



3. Ornaments 

This is a great idea for trips by the beach. You collect different bits of sand from the beaches you go to. Place the sand in bottles and tip the string and voila! You got yourself a handy dandy ornament to hang on the tree.


4. Coin Bracelet 

Collect coins from each country you go to and after you have a few saved up you can drill a small hole into each one and create a ready to wear bracelet(or a necklace too!).


5. Key Chain Box

For each place you go to you can collect a key chain and then display them in a shadowbox like the picture below.



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