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Fashion & Style in France

So as many  people know, Europe is the fashion captial in the world! And as it happens to be I am in Europe (who would of thought?!?!). So I was thinking… well if I’m in Europe I HAVE to write something about the fashion here. (Now this is just what I have seen in my first month here.)

To start off, going to school dressed as a slob will not, and I repeat, WILL NOT pass. Getting dressed in the morning is like getting dressed for a nice lunch out or maybe if you’re really into it, a runway show.

1.  Bomber coats/ leather jackets/ and jean jackets are all the rage.

Almost everyone I pass in the hallways are wearing leather jackets. Then I see half wearing bomber coats and the other wearing jean jackets. I think the reason these coats are so popular is because they are effortless yet, look so put together at the same time.

2. Sparkles & Metallics.

This season I predict that sparkles and metallics (such as gold, sliver, and rose gold) will become the new IT pattern. I see so many shoes and clothing items with sparkles, even if it is very tiny.

3. Natural Hair = Effortless.

Again Europeans love putting no effort in but, getting an amazing look after. In school many girls have their natural hair, either down or up, it doesn’t matter. What I mean by this is, girls don’t really style or straighten/ curl their hair as much as I have seen in the US.

4. The SHOES.

The top 3 brands I’ve seen lately are adiads, converse, and new balance. All three are again effortless but, still can make any outfit put together. I personally love all these shoes but, they can range on the pricey side of things.

5. Colors this season.

  • Burgandy
  • Mustard yellow
  • Black (of course)
  • Army green
  • Navy blue
  • Baby pink

There are 3 key-words that come to my mind when I think of European fashion: simply, effortless, and put-together. And as you have read over and over Europeans love to look like they didn’t have to try too hard to look AMAZING! I also look the look of people who are simply wearing a shirt, some pants, and a pair of shoes but, all together they make a show stopper outfit.

Can’t wait to see what else this year brings!

xoxo Cat

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