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1st AFS weekend

Everything in France is amazing! Surprisingly I’m loving my small little town in the  south of France more than Paris, which really surprised me. There’s so much history here and so much to learn.

The days have been going fast and I’m already a month done with my exchange. #9monthstogo. So every month or so I get to meet up with my AFS friends in my region that I met in Paris. And last weekend I had my AFS weekend with everyone.

The meeting was 2 hours away (by car) at a school, where we ended up sleeping at until Sunday.  On Saturday, my family and I got in the car around 11 and started our road trip. Around lunch time we stopped at a gas station for lunch. What surprised me was that it was so nice, clean, and had delicious food for a gas station. I bought des pâtes avec jambon et fromage and an apple pie type thing. (Literally half the time I have no idea what I’m eating, but it’s so good I dont’t care what it is.) Now you may be thinking… how did you eat uncooked noodles?!?! Well, the thing is they had a microwave! A microwave in a gas station!   And for all you Starbucks lovers out there…there was a self-serve Starbucks, but I have to say their cups are smaller than in the U.S.

After we had lunch we drove about 30mins. more and we were at the school. I dropped off my overnight bed in the hallway and then went back outside to wait for everyone else to arrive. I did the la bise with EVERYONE and then it was time to head to our rooms. We had to take our shoes off before going up the stairs because the volunteers didn’t want to clean more than they already had to.

In my room I roomed with a girl from Hong-Kong, a girl from Italy, and a girl from Belgium. After we made our beds we walked over to a different building to start our activites. We started out with a balloon game where you write your name on the ballon, throw it, grab someone elses balloon, find that person, and asked them a question. After the game we made a big circle and then described what we had on our ballons in french. I was so surprised to see how many people spoke really good french! But of course the Italians have it easier because Italian and French are more similar than French and English.

We ate some food because why not#?!? And then we walked to another building where we did another activity using our 5 senses. There were 5 rooms that used one of your sense and you had to guess what items in the room were. My team got second place so….GO POTATOES! (that was our team name). After we either got to go to bed or hangout. So me and some other went to a cave type room and hung out till 1am because by then we were all tired. The funny thing was two of my roommates stayed up till 3 and then came to the room to grab their stuff and walk it back over to the cave type room to sleep… don’t know why because they said they had a horrible time trying to go to bed and that there was a ligbt that flickered the whole night.

The next day it was mostly just hanging out and eating…

Then around 4 an AFS volunteer came and picked up a girl from Thailand and me, because we live in the same town, and we drove back home ( another 2 hrs). On the way back we stopped to see a castle, but it was closed sp maybe another day.
Overall it was an amazing weekend and I was so happy to see everyone again and talk to them about what we are all going through. It was nice to learn not only french this weekend, but also everyone’s language and culture. Hope all the other AFS students had fun at their weekends too!

Talk to you soon!

xoxo Cat

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