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'My Little Box' monthly review

Okay for years, maybe not year(s) maybe just 2 years, I’ve been obsessed with a company called ‘my little box’ the only problem is I live in the US and of course they don’t ship there (yet). So of course after getting settled in my new home in France I immediately thought of finally subscribing to the company. And that’s what I did! 😉

Little background info:

‘My little box’ is a company in France that now ships to not only all over France but, London and Tokyo. The price each month is ~16.90€ and you can cancel anytime. Every month you receive a box with things; such as, makeup products, accessories, home goods, etc. And the fun part is every month the box has a different theme!

So this is the second month I’ve been subscribed to the company and I have to say so far I love it! I love themed things and anytime I get something with some sort of continuous theme I feel like I remember it better. Below is the second box I got, which was themed “goodnight”. Everything inside the box had to do with sleeping and getting ready for bed.


1) Sleeping Eye Mask

2) Makeup Remover

3) Crescent Moon Ring Holder

4) Hydrating lotion x2

5) Tea packet, Magazine, and Little Makeup Bag

Underneath is the first box I got when I subscribed. The theme of the month was “Brooklyn”.


1) Company Coffee Mug

2) Donut Pin

3) Matching Cuffs (not sure what to call them)

4) Template for Coffee Design

5) Makeup products, Magazine


Overall, I highly recommend trying this company out if you have the chance because it truly is AMAZING! Besides having a themed box every month you also never know what the box’s theme will be until you receive it. On the companies instagram though they do give hints leading up to the release of the new box.

p.s if you want to know more about the company check out their instagram!

Talk you ya soon!

xoxo CAT

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