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Werid Foods I've Eaten

When you sign up to study abroad you have to know that there’s always a chance, no wait there’s a 100% chance you’ll eat something you would’ve never eaten back home. Whether you actually know what you’re eating or you completely have no clue. Personally I like to not know what I’m eating because if I do know I usually hesitate to eat it.

  1. First, I thought this was so werid and for the record I did know what this was before hand… I’ll write the french dish first and see if you can guess what I ate: une pizza avec des canards et des prunes. So I’m not sure if this is a common thing but, I was very skeptical about how this would taste. Surprisingly it was very good so, know I think I like pizza with duck and plums.

2. Next, I never thought I would try this but I’m glad I did because I have more content to write about ;). Anyway, my host mom was making some snacks for our guests that were coming over. As she was making the snacks she asks, “do you want to try some?” (In french) I said sure and then she told me what it was…fish eggs! So immediately I was hesitant becuase, well you get it. I reached for the snack ready to try it but, every time I put it close to my mouth I started laughing nervously. Finally shoved that thing in my mouth and no, no, no it just wasn’t my thing.

3. Next,  I tried, well not 100% sure this is what it is but it’s close, boudin. So it was around lunch time so, I decided to go up stairs to hang out near the dinner table. Right when I walked into the kitchen it smelled like a farm full of cows. When my host mom started handed out the main dish I instantly took in the food’s dark purple color and let’s not forget about the smell. She didn’t tell me what it was, and I didn’t really want to know (because she remember how I reacted to the fish eggs!). I ate some of it but not all because that food was not my thing! Later found out that it was some sort of blood fill sausage or something along those lines, still don’t completely know what it is. But I have to say the texture was sooooooo wrong! It felt like gum stuck in our teeth but, it was even less chewy than gum. I’m not sure how to describe it but, it felt very VERY sticky and made my teeth feel like how you put glue on your fingers to stick them together.

Finally, here are some foods that I know of but never tried back home.

1. Cauliflower

I just thought it was cheese mash potatoes at the time then I had a bit and found out…NOT cheese mash potatoes!


Not sure if I like this or not so I’ll report back when I find out more information. But I’ve had it.

3. Carrots

Now this confuses me because back home I HATE carrots. I can not handle the taste of raw, cooked, or steamed carrots. But for some reason the steamed  carrots here are AMAZING!

So far that’s all I’ve tried and even though it may have seemed like through reading this I hate all the foods,I have to say no. I  have a love hate relationship with trying foods because you never know what you’re going to like so, it can be kinda scary. My recommendation is try all the foods you can! Just maybe don’t ask what they are till you have actually eaten it because from my experience it makes me nervous to eat it when I know what it is.

Well, until next time happy eating!

xoxo CAT

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