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Lost In a Stairwell: Exchange Story 1

People say going on exchange can make you more independent, culturally aware, and, of course, bilingual (depending how long your stay). Well I can 100% say that I have had some crazy experiences so far, like so crazy funny that my adventure stories have become hard to keep track of. In this blog I decided to share one of the every many stories I have. (If you want to hear another make sure to comment below or leave a like!)

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin, hmmmmmm. So originally I had all the same classes with my host sister because we were the same age. But after the first week of school, I decided to drop two classes; Spanish and English 2. So every Thursday when my sister had English 2 I would have 2 hours to do whatever. At first I was nervous to go into town because I didn’t speak the language that good so, I usually sat outside and wrote in my journal. But of course the weather started to get bad… A couple days before my host sister had shown me the library so, I decided to venture there for my 2 hours of free time. But course it wouldn’t be an adventure story if it hadn’t turned into something crazy.

*Background info: There are four stairwells in the school, one for the students living there to get to their dorms, one to the principles office, one to somewhere that I don’t know and one to the library.

So as I was walking around I saw a door to a stairwell, and right in front were some french boys so immediately I made a bee line toward the door and I looked as if I was suppose to be there, even though I didn’t know 100% where the library was. I walked up the stairs to the second level and immediately knew THIS WAS NOT THE LIBRARY! (At the time I didn’t know there were four different stairwells in the school). I looked around and wondered if I should just keep walking around the school lost but, then decided to save myself the embarrassment. I noticed on the wall there was a map of the school and me being oh so smart thought there would be directions or a room listed as the library, but no! Suddenly I realized I heard people talking down the hallway and I didn’t know if they were teachers or kids so, I started to worry I would get caught and get in trouble. I started to think, ” Should I stay here or just walk around the school for 2 hours being lost.” I decided on staying and immediately took out my journal and started to journal my adventure story, like you do.

The bell rang telling me I had one more hour till my next class. I heard more people coming and decided to run up to the third level. I took a seat on the stairs where no one could see me and decided to finish journaling. After the last bell rang I walked down the stairs to my sisters class to meet her for our next class.

Writing this now I realize how crazy, stupid, and silly it may sound, but at the time to me it was a great adventure story, something I experienced on my exchange that was out of the ordinary. But I am happy to say when I have free time I always try to go into town and explore my city.

Hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas because there are MANY MANY more blogs to come!


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