How Long Until YOU Travel?

Many people say, “One day, one day I will travel.” “One day I will have time.” “One day I will have money.” When will you start getting rid of these excuses, are doing what YOU want to do? When will you take that first step into adventure and find out what you’ve been missing? Yes there is no easy way to travel and find time to do so, but if your brave enough to try you’ll get there one way or another.

There’s no easy way to travel and explore. Yes, some people are born rich and have money to do so. And yes, some people are poor, but they still find a way. No matter what, you will spend money and maybe even lots of money to do the things you love, but as you look back at your life of adventure and exploration will you regret the places you’ve seen? Will you regret spending $1000+ on a ticket to go to a place no one’s been?

I myself want to travel. Want to explore. Want to live my life to the fullest. I know that you spend money on travel and that is doesn’t come as easy as I may think, but I also know that if I set my mind to it (not spend so much money on things I don’t need) I can do anything. I can do anything, be anywhere, see everything.

I’d rather spend my hard-worked money on memories that I could have forever than an expensive shirt that in maybe 2 years will be ripped or lost. I’d rather have #noregrets than be wishing of what I could have done.

By valuing other things instead of money you can stop worrying and take time to really enjoy life. Maybe you can finally go skydiving or find the best state park out on the east coast. Yes, you do have to be wise and not over spend what you have. But just remember that when you look back at your life you will remember all the exciting adventures you went on and the places you saw.


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