My Favorite Clean Recipes

Flashback to the last months of 8th grade I was on a clean eating binge and I complete took out all artificial and ‘fake’ foods and instead eating foods like fruits, veggies, home made pizzas, and anything else I could make myself. Then, spring break and I thought it’s vacation  I’m gonna eat what I wanna eat. Well, that turned out bad because I could never again get back into my old routine of eating clean (story of my life).

Now, I wanna get back into routine and I decided to go onto my Pinterest to see the old clean recipes I pinned so long ago. I remember these recipes helped me find a way around my cravings and helped me make delicious foods. Looking these recipes were also fairly easy and I wanted to share some with you guys. Let’s get snacking!


  1. 2-Ingredient Pancakes045-624x7851

These pancakes require little to no effort and only 2 ingredients; eggs and one banana. My first try making these was a huge disappointment but, after a few tries I finally got it and they tasted amazing!


2. E4abbe6b1efcf34e1237527bc87da4019.jpggg in a hole

This recipe is one of my all time favs and I have it almost every single morning. It requires bread (I used whole wheat to keep it healthier.), a cookie cutter, and an egg. This is a great breakfast for little kids because you can do almost any shape for the whole and it provides enough energy to keep them going throughout the day.



  1. Salmon and summer veggies

This recipe screams summer and even though it’s becoming winter
over here I still love me some salmon. No matter the season I highly highly recommend trying out this salmon recipe.



Hope you guys are enjoying Blogmas and make sure to check out all my other blogs! Stay warm and be adventurous!


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