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Where's Wisconsin!?!

When you meet new people or  you choose to study abroad people are going to ask where you are from. Kinda a no brainier. But it’s funny when you explain where you are from and no one knows where it is. But anyway, I found this super funny and kinda interesting.

Okay, for those who don’t know I’m from Wisconsin and right now I am studying abroad in France. When people here in France find out I’m a foreign exchange student they immediately ask,”Where are you from?” I usually say Wisconsin because I’m just so used to it but, I always forget people who aren’t from the USA probably don’t know where it is. Plus when they give me the ‘Oh I don’t know where that is’ look I then I have to explain that where I live is close to Chicago. And either they still give the same look oh fake a, “Oh yea.”

What’s funny is, okay I’m start with a little background info. In History class we were talking about the election or something having to do the United States and the teacher said, “Iowa.” Then some kid in class said the word and the teacher was like,”no, I-O-WA!” and the whole class started to laugh.

So anyway today I asked my host sister a kinda random question…”What states in the US can you name off?” I really wanted to see what people knew about the US because since being here I’ve noticed French people know places like; California, Florida, Las Vegas, L.A., etc. So, when we were in History class and everyone was talking about Iowa, which I would think wouldn’t have been as well-known as the other places I listed. I was interested to know what other states my host sister knew. Here’s what I found out…She knew all the other states except, wait for it,…… WISCONSIN!

Okay, I know the Wisconsin doesn’t have many well-known things like California or Florida but, to know Ohio and Iowa but, not Wisconsin I just found it really funny. She knew Minnesota and Illinois but, not the state in between them. Overall, it was very interesting to find this out because it’s been my home for 13+ years and growing up kids in my school would always say,”What’s even in Iowa/Ohio?”, “There’s like nothing.” So to come here where Wisconsin wasn’t known at all was really funny.

My host dad said that they knew of all the states because of movies and things like that. But, little known fact is that Wisconsin is know for having lots of cheese otherwise known as the cheese state. And it’s also kind of funny that France is also known for cheese but, Wisconsin is not really known, you know?

Anyway, just thought I would quickly share this little information I found out with others. And by the way, comment below if you’ve ever told someone where you are from and they didn’t know or leave a like if you’ve been in an experience like this before.


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