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Having A Best Friend Who Is Studying Abroad? Q&A

There were over 300 kids in Paris who were all studying abroad in France. With that comes many friends and BEST friends left back at home. I decided to write about one of my best friends point of view on the situation since I am studying abroad right now. Hopefully this will make everyone else going through the same situation feel some sort of comfort and have some ideas on what to do. 

Q: How did you feel when I said that I was thinking of studying abroad?

A: “I thought it was just an idea that wouldn’t really happen and that if it did that would be so cool and I would be happy you got to travel and explore one of your favorite countries.”

Q: How did you feel as Summer was ending and it was getting close to me leaving? Did you still think I wouldn’t go? Was there anything you wanted to do together that we didn’t get to?

A: “I was getting pretty sad we had some pretty fun and crazy adventures this summer and we went a lot of places and had so much fun. It was really hard to imagine my junior year without my best friend. Especially seeing everyone doing cute stuff in fall I didn’t have anyone to do that cute stuff with. As the time got closer to you leaving i still couldn’t believe it. But then the day before you left I was over and you finished packing and I was like woah you’re actually going and I could believe it when you sent me a snapchat saying I’m in France! There’s a lot of things we didn’t get to do that I wanted to do. We both wanted to do. It was so hard because I had to share a car the whole summer with my mom and brother and it made it harder. I had a lot of fun this summer and I can’t wait for more adventures this summer when you get home”

Q: Did you think that you actually knew how long I was going to be gone for? Or did it just feel like, “Oh, you’re leaving soon gotta do this!” and it never really occurred/hit you until I left? How long did it take till you realized I was never coming back till next summer?

A:“You told me a year and I knew that was a long time but I never really realized how long a year was without my best friend until you were actually there. Now it’s been almost 4 months and it’s incredibly hard. At somepoints I forgot you were leaving and I truly never realized how hard it would be. It took me a while, it still is. I sometimes wake up and look outside and think adventure time with cat and I wanna text you but you’re sleeping in France it is really hard not getting to see you everyday and drive you to school and get Starbucks. My car rides are lonely now. I always think of you when I go to Starbucks and think of how we always messed up the order because of the size you wanted and what you wanted  and I would always forget your order. Other wise we would figure out money and we would find any money in the car to get us drinks”

Q: Since I have been gone for 3 months now, has anything changed? School? Family? Life?

A: “Yes for sure. School isn’t fun anymore I don’t get to see you anymore at lunch or in the hall ways. Family has changed because they know I’m so bored and they knew we did stuff that made us happy and we didn’t always tell them where we were going but if they found out( which they did just didn’t care to tell me lol) they knew I was going to explore and have a good time w my best friend. Yes a lot has changed in my life while you’re in France. My life is quieter, boring, and in a way lonely.  You make me so happy and always are cracking jokes if I’m mad sad or annoyed always making me smile”

Q: Have you become and independent since me being gone? Have you stepped out of your comfort zone and done anything different, that you wouldn’t necessary do if I was there?

A: “I have become independent on many things like studying and going  to places, but not [much other than that]. I have done things that I wouldn’t usually wouldn’t do but not a whole lot.”

Q: What would you recommend to anyone else in this position? Any advice? The “Don’ts” that you recommend?

A: “I mean it’s a fun experience for you but it gets lonely on this side of where I stand because you sit at home waiting for [your best friend  to come home being bored out of your mind. It’s especially hard with the time zone. I don’t really know any don’ts I mean it’s very hard, but maybe don’t stalk their pictures wishing you were there and try not wonder what they’re doing 24/7 without you.”

Well, I hope that this gives other people in that same position the idea that you aren’t alone. If you have any questions you want answers to don’t be afraid to write back to me, or ask other people (friends and family). Below I have listed some helpful websites to explain, help, and guide everyone who are either on the same boat as me and my best friend or going to be.

Without further ado, I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all my friends who’ve been so supportive of my decision to study abroad. I wanna thank my family and AFS for this opportunity. And to any of my friends and family members back home, if you’re getting sad and missing me know that when I come home it’ll feel like I never left (and you may want me to go back to France because there was so much peace and quite without me).

Love you lots,


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