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Countries I want to visit in my life

In my lifetime I hope to travel everywhere. But, you know there’s 196 countries in the world and that’s a lot of places to go to. So, I listed some of my TOP countries I hope to visit first. After I finish these, then I’ll see the rest.

*Not in any specific order.


I can check this one off šŸ˜‰

#2: Italy

Going to be checking this one off soon…

#3: Greece

Hopefully crossing this one off this year.

#4: Thailand

#5: IrelandĀ 

#6: London

#7 Canada

#8 Iceland

#9 India

#10 PortugalĀ 

#11 Spain

#12 All the rest

Now again, you may realize that not every country is on here. This is just my list so far of what I really want to check off before I die.

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