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AFS Noel Weekend

Another month, another weekend with AFS! Before this weekend even started I was so nervous because all of the foreign exchange students were putting on a show. Here’s what we did:

  1. Had to talk about our countries and bring things that represented our country. (said in french)
  2. Talent Show (yup a talent show and p.s. I have NO talents!)
  3. Make a dessert from your country.

So, the whole week and was preparing what I was going to say. In the 2 hour car ride I wrote my script and practice a little. And if you’re wondering what I did for the talent show, I choose to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas” because it’s a pretty well-known poem. After we got to Clermont, we made a stop at IKEA and had lunch. Around 2 or 3 in the afternoon we headed to the building where we were having the party but, it wasn’t open so we walked around town a little bit. After my host family dropped me off and all the other students came and we did the la bise and talked about EVERYTHING! We later all started freaking out because we were all confused on what we were suppose to do. Later on we found out we didn’t have to talk about our country in french just bring things. Also, we found out there was another girl from Australia who would be staying for 2 months. Both the girl and I decided we would do the prom together because we were both nervous and she was originally thinking of signing but, there were so many people. Before the show started all the students took their countries flag and walked abound the room waving them around. After we introduced ourselves to everyone and then we had dinner with food from all the families. After dinner was finished AFS let the first part of the talent show start and everyone was super good! Later we introduced our desserts to everyone in french and I made ‘chocolate chip cookies’. They’re super well-known everywhere I guess but, you know it’s like a common thing in the US, especially around Christmas (for Santa). After everyone grabbed dessert we started the second part of the talent show and the girl from Australia and me were up. It went well,…. I think but, I still don’t like public speaking especially in a different language with everyone who knows the native language but oh well!

Around 9pm we finished and my host family and I had a 2 hour drive back home and let me just say it was a LONGGGG day.


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