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Myths of Average Americans

Back on my old blog I asked people I knew to come up with stereotypes of French/Euopean people. We all know stereotypes can’t be 100% trusted because sometimes it may be one persons bad experience or a miscommunication of cultural differences. But, in today’s blog I am here to set the story straight, or at else show what I’ve found to be true and false (vrai et faux).

Here is the list I came with before I left for my exchange.

1. People in Europe don’t shave.
2. All Europeans smoke.
3. French people ride bicycles while carrying baguettes and wearing berets.
4. They are not really that different from Americans.
5. When thinking of french people mimes come to mind.
6. Europeans are arrogant and snobby.
7. French people are really good cooks.
8. French people are pickpocketers.

Now here’s what I found…

1. They shave just like anyone else. Though, for the girls in the winter they don’t shave their legs, but I’m pretty sure any girl can relate to this.

2. Yes. Well, not EVERYONE, but there sure are a lot more than in the USA.

3. They don’t ride bicycles while carrying baguettes, but I can assure you that in my town you will see multiple people carrying baguettes tucked underneath their arms. As for the berets, people only wear those to certain games like rugby matches or if they are older…usually. It’s just not common anymore.

4. They really aren’t all that different. Though I have found that they are more reserved around people they do not know well and they don’t crazy laugh like me…

5. Haven’t seen any mimes around here.

6. Everyone here is super nice to me so I haven’t seen any snobbiness.

7. They’re pretty good cooks, but also Americans and French people/ cultural have different meals so I don’t have anything to compare the food here to food in America.

8. Not in small towns but, defiantly in Paris.

I hope this helped people to see that not everything you hear is true.



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