Study Abroad 101

My recommendations to foreign exchange students.

No matter what you do to prepare yourself for your study abroad trip there’s always going to be something you didn’t think of or things you wish you’ve done. Well, being in France for ~4months now I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten some things and also found out some cool souvenirs/ keepsakes that I want to share with you guys.

  1. Buy 2 flags.

I recommend buying your country’s flag to bring and hang in your room (if your host family allows) and then the country you are studying abroad in. Before you leave get friends and family to sign your country’s flag so when you hang it you can look back at old memories. Also before you leave, try to get people in the country you are studying abroad in to sign the 2nd flag so, again, you can remember everyone and have memories to look back on.

Also with your country’s flag, you can take going away pictures too that are great memories to capture. And when you are at your orientations you can take picture with everyone and their flags as well.

2.Get a pen pal.

To help you learn the language find a friend to write to in the language you are trying to learn so, even when you are back home you can still stay in touch. Also who wouldn’t want a pen pal!

3. Book Club.

This kinda goes along with #2 because if you have a close friend/ a friend that is learning the same language, try and pick a book in that language that you both find interesting. Then you guys can write to each other explaining and asking questions about the book, working together to figure out the language.

4. Pictures/Videos

Don’t be nervous or embossed to film because than you miss chances to see memories and have those special moments to look back on.

Hope that these little tricks/tips help others who are little lost on what else they can do to keep/have more memories because you know more is never to much.

p.s. I wrote some more helpful posts on what I wish I would’ve brought and more souvenir ideas.


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