Things You May Have Not Know

Being here in France I have learned so many things already. And I realized that the things I have figured out may not be know to other people as well. So, I decided to put together a quick list to help you guys out.

  1. DVD Region Codes

I never knew this till I wanted to show my host sister some of my favorite American films but, as it turns out there are regions in the world that can only play certain DVDs. Let me explain, above is a link of the different regions, but long story short you can’t play DVDs that aren’t from the region otherwise you would have to buy a whole new DVD player to watch the movies.

2. Outlets

Most people know this but I thought to include it. Most countries have different outlets so, for me going to France I had to buy an adaptor for all my electronics; these are pretty easy to find. (On amazon they are pretty cheap too!)

3. Euro Coins

If you live in the US, you know that all quarters have different states on the back. Some people like to collect all 50 quarters as a hobby. To go along with this, I just recently found out that euros are the same as well. Below you can check out the different links to see all the designs from the other countries. There is a little background info on why the designs were chosen as well.


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