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1.1 French: Getting Started

When learning any language you always have to start with the basics. In these posts, Level 1, you will find accents mark, pronouns, verbs, verb endings, etc. This will give you basic knowledge of the language. *p.s. for every french learning post there will be a worksheet attached where you can be able to practice your french.

Accent Marks:

L’accent aigu


une clé, l’été, la moitié

L’accent grave


ma mère, la colère, une flèche

L’accent circonflexe


une fête, une guêpe, une bête


Je I Nous We
Tu You (informal) Vous You all (formal you)
Il He Ils They (masc. group/mixed)
Elle She Elles They (fem.)
On We/One

-ER Verbs:

* you drop off the -er on the verb and replace it with the correct ending for the pronoun.

Je – e Nous – ons
Tu – es Vous – ez
Il / Elle / On – e Ils / Elles – ent


  1. I talk with my family:  Je parle avec ma famille.
  2. We are eating at school:  Nous mangeons á l’ecole.
  3. They like the dresses: Elles aiment les robes.




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