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1.2 French: Building Blocks

In order to have a conversation you always need some vocab. In this post there will be verbs and words that are commonly used while talking. Hopefully this can help build some of your sentences.


Avoir: to have

Je ai Nous avons
Tu as Vous avez
Il / Elle / On a Ils / Elles ont

ex: J’ai 46 ans: I am 46 years old ; Il a devoir: He has homework.

Être: to be

Je suis Nous sommes
Tu es Vous êtes
Il / Elle / On est Ils / Elles sont

ex: Je suis malade: I am sick ; Elle est une fille: She is a girl



Bonjour: Hello l’eau: Water
Salut: Hey le pain: The bread
Merci: Thank You la pomme: The apple
De rien: Your welcome la nourriture: The food
Je m’appelle…: My name is… le repas: The meal
Je ne sais pas: I don’t know (for facts) riche: Rich
Je ne connais pas: I don’t know (for people) pauvre: Poor
Je mange: I am eating / I eat le(s) garçon(s): The boy(s)
Je bois: I am drinking / I drink le(s) fille(s): The girl(s)
Qu’est-ce que c’est?: What is this? ce soir: Tonight
hier: Yesterday petit déjeuner: Breakfast
aujourd’hui: Today déjeuner: Lunch
demain: Tomorrow dîner: Dinner
matin: Morning Je ne comprends pas: I don’t understand
après-midi: Afternoon Comment vous êpelez…?: How do you spell…?
nuit: Night Plus lentement, s’il vous plaît!: slower please!
soir: Evening Enchanté: Nice to meet you
pour: to / for le foot(ball): Soccer
devoir: homework à la maison: At home


*You will have to use the other resources provided (previous posts) to do these worksheets.



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