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1.3 French: Let's add more

Adjectives & Questions: Adjectives usually come after the noun in French, but some adjectives (BANGS) come before the noun. Questions are the most useful things while learning a language. Below you will find more things to build your french learning.


B eauty

A ge

N ewness/Number

G oodness

S ize

Beauty: belle, beau, jolie

Age: jeune, vieux/vieille

Newness/Number: nouveau/nouvelle

Goodness: bon/bonne, mauvais(e)

Size: petit(e), grand(e), gros(se)


  1. Ma mere a une petite voiture rouge.
  2. C’est un vieux chien méchant
  3. Nous avons un joli chien.




Inversion: ?word + verb + subject…

Est-ce que…: ?word + est-ce que + subject + verb…

Innotation: subject + verb + ?word

Example: When do they eat? 

Innotation: Ils dinent quand?

Est-ce que..: Quand est-ce qu’ils dinent?

Inversion: Quand dinent-ils?

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