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Exploring Wisconsin

Every since my friends and I started driving I’ve had this feeling of adventure and exploration. Growing up, I always thought Wisconsin was the most boring state in the US. (which I won’t say it’s the best but, it’s defiantly not the worst, anymore). But I don’t just crave adventure I crave secret places, hidden treasures kept from ordinary people. I love finding places that aren’t in your local Tourist Guide book. Looking on a map and finding your way. My friends and I have been searching the Internet for hidden places in Wisconsin but, of course if they’re hidden why would someone share them… Well it’s your lucky day because I’m getting ready to share my favorite spots! Though some look like touristic things, I’ll have you know that behind every door there’s adventure waiting to happen.

Before telling you all my secrets, I would like to share just one. Geocaching, though it’s not that well known, is one of the reasons I have found such cool places. I encourage any adventurers out there, no matter where you live, to part take in this scavenger hunt game. (there’s an app that makes it an easy on the road game).

*Warning: These places aren’t on your ordinary tourist guide book but, others my know of them.

  1. Spectacular Sculpture

I’ve written about this before but, I can’t express how much I love this hidden art gallery. I found this place while geocaching with a friend and probably would’ve never found it otherwise. More information on this place can be found above or on my other post.

2. Pope Farm Conservancy

One of the many things on my bucket lists is having a photoshoot in a field of flowers. Lucky I found this place! This is Sunflower heaven!!! The purpose of the Pope Farm Conservancy is “to enhance the educational opportunities.” and having landscape as amazing as these are sure to bring amazing memories.

3. Lion Den Gorge

This Nature Preserve is a public park that spans 73-acres. It was bought in 2002 by Dr. Ghulum Dhar. Now with all the State Parks and public parks in Wisconsin there are sure to be ones that not many people know of and for me and my friends We’ve never heard of this one. The main reason I put this on my lists in because of the WATER! The water looks amazing and reminds me of some amazing island getaway. 6b8c651a42fe1e46af08ad7ef4061ba9.jpeg

4. Lime Kiln Park

Yet, another park I found that I never knew about. But this park has so many hidden treasures resulting in endless adventures. It also has an amazing view of the lake and many historical features.


Hopefully this has given you guys a few idea for what to do this Summer. And for those coming to Wisconsin to visit hopefully this has given you a few more places to add to your “Must See List”. Going to end this here before I give away to many secrets ;).


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