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Tips for reading books in another language.

You want to understand more and gather more vocabulary in the language you’re learning?  But you don’t know how. Well, what I recommend is picking up a book in that language and buckling down because it may take awhile but, I have some tips that will not only help you understand more of the book but also further your language.

*I recommend having maybe a 1 year to 2 years of a language before starting a book, like a novel. (not a children’s book)

#1 Get a buddy

I think getting a friend/ pen pal who wants to learn the same language as you and buying the same book is a great way to understand more of the book. You can discuss what you’ve found and questions you have. Things you don’t understand because of the language barrier.

#2 Summarize

Now like I was saying it’s going to take awhile but, you’re going to gain so much doing this. I recommend after every chapter summarizing what you read. For me, I forget stuff faster in a different language so, this trick helps me to remember what I just read. You could also take notes while reading to cut back on to much writing.

#3 Highlight

Looking at a book you don’t understand for hours trying to figure out what is happening can get bit boring. So for me I like to use colors to relate certain things like; people, places, new words. Doing this makes it more interesting and creates a sort of game.

#4 Make a list

I recommend making a huge list of ‘words I don’t know’ so during the book you can look back and after you’ll have new vocab.

#5 Take your time

Reading a book, especially in another language, takes time. Don’t rush reading because then you won’t gain anything.

Remember to never give up learning! Sometimes it can be stressful and super annoying but, push through it and soon you’ll get there.

What I’m reading right now:

Toutes ces choses qu’on ne s’est pas dites– Marc Levy


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