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I skipped class?! : Exchange Story 2

When you go on exchange, no when you go to a different country in general, you know that you’re in for a real treat. That strange, crazy things are going to happen and this was no different for me.

Let me begin with the fact that every Tuesday I always get confused with the morning schedule. Looking now that sounds stupid and now I have a reason to never forget my classes. Anyway, my Tuesday started like any other. I went to English class and then the bell rang but, what happened afterwards is when it started to go down hill.

The bell rang and I rushed off to the library, because I thought it was study hall. I pulled out my books, even though I had no homework, and started doing things to keep busy. When the last bell rang I stood up and look of the library window to my host sister’s Spanish room to see if she left. After about 5min. I realized something was wrong. I looked at my phone, then quickly looked at schedule and realized I just missed my French class. I sat there laughing at how stupid I was but, then of course coming to terms with it because I am a foreign exchange. But the most embarrassing thing about it all, if missing my class wasn’t enough was that in my school you are with the same people all day. So that means all the people I was in English class with noticed I was missing the next period because I wasn’t there.

Sorry for the really quick story I’ve just been so busy this past week. Sad thing is Blogmas is ending so, soon enough my posts won’t be so consistent. But I will make sure to posts every weekend or something like that I just haven’t figured it out. Anyway hope your holidays were great!


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