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Halfway point

Oh how time flys. Before leaving everyone said it was going to be fast and honestly I didn’t start to see how fast it was going till my friend Gina stayed with me in December. She’s here for 5 months so, at the end of January she leaves to go back home. Realizing that she was leaving was a punch in the face because I realized that if her exchange went by that fast then mine wouldn’t be any slower. There’s so much I’ve learned, besides the language, since being here for five months and there’s so much happening in the next five months that I am so excited to announce!

From the first five months I’ve not only learned more about the french language but, I’ve gained a better understanding of the world, of France. Back home, I knew there were kids living in other countries and they had a different life but, I don’t think I knew how different or ever really realized how everything else worked. Getting to meet new people from all other the world and experience living in France has completely changed my view on the world. It’s so hard to put into words how much I’ve learned but, to put it simply, the world is so much bigger now that I’ve experienced it. Funny thing is I’ve only been to a couple of places so, knowing that if and when I travel more my knowledge will expand.

On top of that, my AFS friends are all going through that same thing. Being able to discuss questions we have or talk about problems or just anything at all has made my exchange 100x better. It’s hard to talk about it with people back home because they are not going through the same thing and it’s hard to relate.

Coming up in the next couple of weeks is something I’m too excited to share!!!! I’m going to Italy! Because of my school schedule I am in Italian and for a field trip we are heading to Italy for a week. But, the class I’m in is level 2 or 3 not sure exactly but, I’ve never taken Italian before so it’s a little hard to learn. Nice thing is that Italian and French are similar so I can pretty much understand a lot of Italian since my French is improving. Speaking it is another story. And if going to Italy for a week wasn’t great enough; right after I start vacation for two weeks! (So for three weeks I have no school).

Also coming up during my last five months here are some trips to other friends in France. Right now I’m trying to figure out a bunch of trips so I can #1 see my friends I haven’t seen since September and #2 see more parts of France. There’s so many places I want to visit in France but, with school it’s a little hard. Probably going to have to visit the rest another time.

Overall, life in my small town has become routine. I know the center of town pretty well but, still have to think about where I’m going before I go. I’ve gotten used to my life here and it’s going to be weird going back home after my exchange to my old routine. Funny how fast I’ve adjusted to my new life.





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