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1.5 French: Simple Sentence Structure

If you want to be able to keep up with a conversation in french you’re going to have to learn how to form sentences and keep that topic going. Yes, at first you may have to think of the proper verb tense for the correct subject and how to just talk in a different language. Trust me I know! Before I left for my exchange someone said, “Just don’t think and just start talking in the language.” But I think we can all agree that is easier said then done. Anyway, now I can say that I totally, after 3-5months, understand how that works. So without further ado, lets get into forming sentences!

There are a few phrases I use constantly in french when I’m talking.

#1: Je pense que/ Je crois que: I think that/ I believe that

#2: Je dois (parler): I have to/must (speak)

* anytime you use two verbs when talking, for example the above sentence, you don’t conjugate the second verb. Only the first verb gets conjugated. 

#3: Ouais, je sais: Yea, I know

#4: Je sais que il y avait: I know that there was

But, to build a good sentence, to put it simply, you have to know vocab. So here’s some vocab I use frequently.

le livre: the book

la classe: the class

le mot: the word (mot de passe: password)

le chat: the cat ; le chien: the dog

le prof: the teacher (le prof d’anglais: english teacher)

le truc/ le chose: (the) thing

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