Why I'm choosing ASL.

Last year I was watching Switched at Birth and there is one scene that really stuck out to me. There was this girl, who was deaf, in the hospital and she was trying to tell the nurses she was allergic to a certain type of medicine. She struggled to tell the nurses and doctors that she couldn’t have this medicine otherwise she could die. There were no translators and no one knew sign language. This is when it hit me… I have to learn this language!

The feeling of not being heard or not having the ability to communicate with someone is terrifying. But, not only does ASL or French interest me but other languages as well, because it’s a way to connect with different people and see the world in a different perspective. Yes, speaking english is a big advantage because everyone speaks it but, I want to be able to say things to people, to show them I care and connect with them. Even if it’s just “Hello” or “I don’t understand.” At least I am trying.

The main reason though that I am choosing to learn ASL is because #1 It’s different #2 It interests me (key part in learning any language…or anything for that matter) #3 Can connect with different people #4 Secret Language..duh #5 Something different. But, the hard part is teaching myself. It’s sad but, there aren’t many places where you can learn sign language. Good thing is that one of my friends wants to learn it too! Together we can teach each other. That’s another great way to learn something…get a friend!

I have picked up a few signs here and there but, the sentence structure is unlike anything else or even English for the matter. A huge misconception is that Sign Language is the same all around the world but, that is not the case. In fact, each country “generally” has it’s own sign language… there are 137 sign languages!

For those who want to learn a little bit of sign here are a few important ones to keep in mind! (REMEMBER THIS IS ASL!)

  1. Yes/ No
  2. My name is…(spell out your name)mayname
  3. Hello/Goodby, Thank you/You’re Welcome
  4. Alphabet alasl

There are also many handy videos on YouTube that show many different signs with different angles. I don’t know how far I will get on learning this language but, I can at least try my best. And I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish!

So what other languages do you guys want to learn? What are your interests?


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