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So last month I posted something on Facebook asking people to write me some questions they had for me regarding my exchange, life in France, how applied, or just really random things. I also am partnering with my good friend from Maryland who is on exchange with me. So, some of the questions my be from her Facebook as well. (if you wanna check her out, the link to her blog is down below.) And here’s what I got!

  1. I used to think France was huge now I know France is about the size of a state

The reason I chose to pick those words is because before coming I honesty thought France was pretty big. I mean it is but, I thought it was bigger. I learned that to get from bottom of France to the top is about 9 hours of driving, Which if I compared that to how much to have to drive from one end to the other in Wisconsin it is a little less. So in that aspect it is pretty small, I guess.

2. Did you have a lot of anxiety before leaving? How have you overcome any anxiety?

Surprisingly I can’t remember having that much anxiety. I think it was because each day, at the start of my exchange, we were seeing new things and meeting new people. It was all very fast so, there really was no time to think about your family or think about the first day of school. Plus, it helped that my host sister and I had class together.

3. How often do girls wear leggings and are they as frowned upon as our American teachers make it sound?

NO girls wear leggings. Well, in gym class, yes of course but, during schools hours I’ve probably seen one person and I remember a lot of people looked at her like she was crazy. Usually everyone wears jeans or jeggings (maybe), then skirts or dresses.

4. Does everyone really smoke over there?

Yup, well not everyone but most do. You know it’s a Europe thing. And if you compare it to the US then, the numbers are defiantly larger because almost no one smokes in the US. And here in France it’s popular to roll your own cigarettes. Like once on the train we were getting to the last stop and I saw this one woman roll 5 cigarettes in about 3 minutes. (that was pretty fast).

5. Do the French use French dressing? 

Not sure, I mean I haven’t seen anything for it. Plus, on salade they usually use vinaigrette. But I know at some Kebab places they have a sauce called American (and it’s not what you would think an American sauce would look like).

6. Having now experienced another culture, did it open you mind? Do you want to continue to travel and see the world?

Yes, completely! I always thought France and the US were very similar but, for me I find it to be very different. From school to daily life, it has opened my eyes. And yes of course I want to see more of the world. There are a few places that are at the top of my list because after my exchange I want to visit my friends and see their countries and life there.

7. Do you like the different kinds of food they have?

Sometimes. I haven’t tried a lot of really weird/different foods. But I know that I don’t like fish eggs. That’s for sure. Instead I do like duck liver…btw I didn’t know it was duck liver until after soo…(still kinda freaks me out a little)

8. Do you have a french boyfriend? 

Sorry to say…no.

9. Do you like french pizza?

Yes and no. Sometimes I miss our greasy, cheesy pizza back in America but, there are some pizzas here that I love and surprisingly my favorite is with duck and plums.

10. Do you find you are becoming more fluent in French? 

Yes and no. There are many days that I just can’t think straight and my french is bad, I call those my “off days”. But of the most part I can speak french without having to think to hard, it just comes out. I do still have a long way to go till I’m fluent because I gotta learn new vocab and verbs and all that jazz.

Hope these answered a few questions that people had. And feel free to write more in the comments and I’ll gladly take a look and respond back! Hope everyone’s day is going well and keep traveling!

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