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1.7 French: Similar Words

In French, surprisingly, there are many words that look like English words. There are obvious ones and then some that just change the endings. But finally there are some words that look similar but, the meanings are completely different.

  • Change -ique ending in French to -ic in English

example: fantastique -> fantastic or musique -> music

  • Change ê to and s

example: fête -> feast or forêt -> forest

  • Change -ment to -ly

example: probablement -> probably or sérieusement -> seriously

  • Change -té to -ty

example: chari -> charity or liber -> liberty

  • Change -aire to -ary

example: exemplaire -> exemplary or dromadaire -> dromedary

  • Change -eur to -or

example: acteur -> actor or professeur -> professor

  • Change -ie to -y or -c

example: comédie -> comedy or magie -> magic

  • Change -que to -c or -ck

example: banque -> bank or chèque -> check

Hope this helps pick out a few nez vocabulary words.

p.s. title picture is from Clermont-Ferrand, France


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