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Planning a Backpacking Adventure

Summer’s just around the corner and there’s so much on my list of things to do! Just recently one of my friends said she wanted to hike the Appalachian Mountains. Looking into it we found out that it was almost a 6 month hike to finish the whole thing. And that was just #1 not in our age range, because our parents never would’ve let us do that yet and #2 not in our time frame, which I assume most people don’t have 6 months where they have time to go backpacking. (though some people may). So this summer I decided to have a fun get together with some friends and plan a backpacking trip.

#1 Make sure you are of age or that your parents are okay, if you are planning on camping.

My friends and I decide to do two days of backpacking and one day of camping. We made sure that where we were deciding to sleep was close enough so, that if anything happened we wouldn’t be too far.

#2 Plan ahead.

Make sure to check out trails in your area. For example in Wisconsin there is the Ice Age Trail, which runs through the state. These types of trails are great because you get start anywhere and camping is free, depending on the site you choose.

Make sure to research how far your destination is.  If you are planning on walking for awhile, plan out more walking days so you have time to set up camp and eat. Even the littlest of details matter.

#3 Invite friends

If you want more people or just something you can your friends can do, put together an invitation or create an event of Facebook. This lets everyone know when it is, where, and the general information. Below is an example of a quick invitation.


#4 Packing

A packing list will be your best friend before, durning, and after your trip. I’m going to skip on the clothes because if you’re old enough to go backpacking then you’re older enough to know what to pack. 😉 As for other things, make sure to pack first aid and any medicines you know you HAVE to bring. Wearing your cutest shoes won’t help you hike so, make share to wear comfortable shoes that you know will last. Knowing the weather both in the morning and at night will help you pack your overnight gear. And finally let’s not forget about FOOD! Pack light but, make sure to have enough! You defiantly don’t want to run out in the middle of nowhere. My favorite backpacking food is Backpacker’s Pantry or Mountain House. If you want more options for where to buy these products you can check out Amazon or Ebay. All you have to do is add hot water to the dried food and voilà! You’ve got yourself amazing food.

#5 Stay hydrated.

When walking days on end your body can get very dehydrated, especially if you’re out in the sun. So, make sure to bring tons of water, or just fill up along the way. But make sure to bring a water filter to stay safe.

Hope this helped all my adventurers out there and happy trails!


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