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Summer Plans

As many of my friends, family, and followers know I am on exchange in France and I am lucky enough to spend two months of summer in this beautiful country before I leave. With the end of school approaching I have little to no time to get my suitcases pack for a somewhat backpacking adventure. 

At the beginning of the year I knew I wasn’t going to be taking the BAC for my high school here in France so, that allowed me two months to travel. What do I do? Well, I book my calendar solid, or at least try. Knowing that traveling every week was going to get exhausting, I knew I needed some room to breath.

The first thing I got planned was going to a concert. Though I had no clue where I was going to be staying, if my program would allow me to go, or how I would get there, I took a chance and bought a ticket. My friend and I decided to buy them without telling our host parents, just on the slim hope that we would be able to go. Well, we are! And lucky for me I get to see more of France. A week after school ends I’m taking the train to my friend’s house where I will stay with her. Together we are thinking of seeing Nantes and Angers. Then we are taking a train to Lille and staying with an AFS volunteer for a few days. Amazing thing is she might even take us on a day trip to Belgium!

Then right after that trip I am taking a train to Paris to finally, after 9/10 months, meet my Grandma!!!?!?!? (if you couldn’t tell I’m excited!) We are staying in Paris two nights and one day we are spending it at Disneyland Paris. Together we are taking a four hour train to Clermont-Ferrand and staying there the rest of the week. But we will be taking day trips to Lyon and my hometown, Aurillac. Excited to show my Grandma a little bit of french culture and be a tour guide during our trip.

After those two weeks I’ll be staying with a exchange friend till the very end of our program. Then all the exchange students all over France, with AFS, will be meeting in Paris at our final orientation. Where we will have to say goodbye. Thinking of the end makes me sad. I knew going into this the hardest part would be saying goodbye to all the people I’ve meet on exchange because of the soul reason that I may never see them again. But there will always be chances to travel and now I have a chance to explore & learn about so many more cultures. So, to that! To learning and celebrating people all over the world and to sharing this planet with everyone!



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