What NOT to miss in Paris, if you only have a few days.

Now I know that on my blog I have already written about Paris. In fact, if you’ve been with me a while and have kept up to date with my posts, you probably haven’t forgotten my Paris In A Day . We all know that Paris is too big to do a day trip to. And recently not only did I do a day trip in Paris but, I had a second chance to visit the beautiful city. The thing is that I only got to add one more day! So. How did I get to see all the main attractions throughout Paris with only two days to spare? 

Whenever you visit a big, touristic city like Paris, Barcelona, Rome, etc., you need to keep in mind that no matter the amount of time you spend there you will never be able to really experience and see the whole city for what it is. But we can sure try to!

When I went to Paris for the second time I knew this was my chance to see more of the city. First thing I did was compile a list of places I wanted to see. For example, Notre Dame, Tour Eiffel, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Pont Neuf, Versailles, and the Arc de Triomphe. Of course we got a chance to see a little more because we were walking around, and getting lost. Which, by the way I kinda recommend. I mean, it’s the perfect way to see a new place that you know nothing about. Being able to throw yourself into the unknown.

Yes, there are many, many things to see in Paris but, some things that I never even thought about seeing were the metro stops! While we were in Paris we used the metro to get around because #1 it’s the easiest transportation and #2 it’s the cheapest way. I found that some metros stops around Paris are very unique and different from your usually stop. Some of my favorites were the Louvre stop on line 1, which is like a little underground museum, and the Cité stop on line 4, which has an angelic movie-like look to it. While there probably are a bunch more I didn’t really get a chance to see all of them but, let me tell you I took the metro a lot! So my little tip would be, if you want to see unique metro stops, to research before hand so you get a good idea which lines to take.

line 4, stop: cité

One major tip I can offer, if you only have a certain amount of time in Paris is… NOT to wait in long lines! (easier said then done) But really, waiting in lines takes up half the time. Pick the places you really want to see or pay close attention to how fast the lines move. For example, when we went to Sacré Coeur the line moved at a decent, steady pace so, we waited and got to tour the inside. But when we went to the Notre Dame the line seemed to not move at all so, we didn’t get a chance to go inside; instead, we got more time to see other places. That’s one of the things you’re going to have to think about whenever you travel.

A place I highly recommend in Paris, that isn’t as well known as most touristic sights is… the Shakespeare & Company Bookstore.


There is great history here and an amazingly cute upstairs (with a cat!!). Though the books are highly priced, it is a great, quite place to walk around and explore for FREE!!!. If you do happen to purchase a book the cashier will mark a stamp in one a the front pages as a remembrance of where you bought the book from. And they do sell other souvenirs if you’re looking for something other than a book. For example, one of the canvas styled bags is about 10 euros. Also if you where thinking of visiting or just like to read up on some history one book I would highly recommend is the below, which is also sold at the Shakespeare and Company Bookstore. I also listed another history book on the store which is a little more budget friendly.

Remember that one trip to a huge city will never be enough and always try to make the most out of a trip even if it isn’t turning out the way you thought it would. Comment below some of your favorite tips while traveling. Stay safe & happy travels!

p.s. happened to post a book I bought at the Shakespeare & Company Bookstore ^^


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