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Nightmare – in – Switzerland

Starting off this adventure story series  with my (so far) CRAZIEST travel story yet…SWITZERLAND!!! Emily, my friend from Maryland, and I started our day by having our bus cancelled on us. Great way to start any day. Once we managed to get on the right bus, 30 minutes later we arrived in Geneva and were dropped off at a random road, which didn’t look like a road we should’ve been dropped off at.

Our first problem was we didn’t ask the bus driver #1 if this was the last stop and #2 if this was the same place he would pick us up at. We also forgot to take a picture of the street name so, we could know how to get back. Somehow we just got off and started walking around Switzerland…and got lost. Mind you, neither of our phones worked so, we couldn’t use google maps or anything to get un-lost. Thankfully, Emily had the number of her friend who was living in Switzerland so, we reached a payphone, figured out how to use it because we never used one before, and called for help.

Finally we got to the museum we wanted to see and we thought all was good. Around 12 we were supposed to meet up with the same girl we called earlier but, she was lost and missing. When we finally found her, we tried making our way  to a café for lunch…you guessed it, we got lost! After walking around we decided to take the tram system to where the café was. Had lunch, which by the way a little tip “tapas” are like appetizers (another backstory). Everything was going good. Then more things started happening; like getting on the wrong tram (3 times), or getting lost (100 times). But we got to visit the United Nations building, where there was a protest, and an American market, which was super expensive. Emily and I bought some American food at a cute diner with a 1930’s/1950’s theme. Our server spoke perfect English with us and I ended up buying chicken tenders for 18 euros!! Like woah! That’s expensive.

After we stuffed ourselves with good old American food, which we had been missing a little, we headed back to the train station. Emily and I decided to take a train back instead of the bus we took originally because again, we had NO idea where we were dropped off. We had about an hour before we had to catch our train so, we decided to try to talk to someone in the information desk about Emily’s train ticket because we bought two of the same tickets. After a 30 minute wait, we got her ticket fixed and everything was looking good. Got to platform 7 and realized this was going to go down hill FAST! We stepped into a room with a long table and body scanner, exactly how you would see in the movies. Three Swiss police/border control officers were checking passports. At first we thought we were in the wrong spot so, I asked someone. Nope. Right spot. One of the officers turns to us and asks for our passports. Emily hands her passport ID and the officer told her that it did not work and she couldn’t take the train. Of course she started to freak out because anyone in that situation would and our phones didn’t work. I have what I need to pass through, but I wasn’t going to leave without her. Emily at this point was crying and freaking out and we’re both trying to talk to the guy in the french that we know. Finally, he says we can take a bus back into France. With that little bit of information we get hope. He gives us a map and we start running to catch bus number 61.

Once on bus 61 we see we get off at Annamasse Gare for our bus back to France. Emily says to get off at the second stop, so we do. At this point, we think the “gare” will be the same as we had in the morning, on a street we didn’t know.  But we get dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The sky was getting darker, I mean it turned pitch dark really fast! On top of that there wasn’t many people to ask for directions… and we have a little less than an hour to catch the bus back home. We walk around trying to look for the stop where we got dropped off in the morning but with no luck. We end up asking two people for directions and they said to take bus 61. Of course, we immediatly thought they were crazy because we thought we got off at the right stop. Soon we realized we had to ride bus 61 to the end. Got on bus 61 and not even halfway through a baby started crying. After this whole day of misfortunes we started laughing to the point everyone was staring at as. We finally arrived to the train station and ran to ur train (we realized within a few minutes that the bus we thought we were going to take was actually a train). By the second stop we arrived back in Emily’s town. With all of our bags and ran back to Emily’s house to go the bathroom.

So that was my crazy day in Geneva, Switzerland. Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing but, trust me if you were a little confused it was way more confusing in real life. Hopefully next time it’s not as crazy!



Remember when traveling in Switzerland the outlets are different from France!

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