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August 21 Is Gonna Be Outta This World

It was 5 months ago that I marked the total solar eclipse on my calendar. I had no clue if I was even going but, that’s just the thing! If you want to do something, then you’ll find a way to do it. Now this blog post isn’t going to focus on motivation (today) but, I thought I would add that little bit because, well, it’s the truth and sometimes we all need a little reminder.

Anyway, the total solar eclipse is days away and I have been thinking of writing this post for awhile now. There still may be people out there wanting to go who may know nothing about it, or people in complete darkness about it all. Now when I first found out about the solar eclipse, I of course did ask myself the question, “What is a total solar eclipse?” And doing some research I did find out a lot of stuff. And I think that’s a great way to learn about something. Going and researching about things that you want to do or things that interest you. Learning in a different way. You don’t have to be in a classroom or school setting to pick a new trick up or gather knowledge. I love challenging my mind and expanding it to all sorts of new things.

Reading up on articles and websites for this post took awhile but, I have complied a list of things that will answer that question we all have in our heads about August 21st and maybe add a few new things to your knowledge.

| “You don’t have to be in a classroom or school setting to pick a new trick up or gather knowledge.”

The easiest and least complex way to understand and describe a total solar eclipse is that the moon moves in front of the sun, shadowing the sun for about 3 hours from beginning to end. The path of the eclipse will stretch from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina and pass through 14 states. This event will be an extraordinary one at that because it has been 38 years since the last time a total solar eclipse has been visible from coast to coast in the USA. Though this phenomena is one to definitely not miss, you need to be aware that it can also be dangerous.

Effect On The Eyes:

Because the sun will be hidden, for the most part, you may think that you are able to stare at the sun directly during the event. In reality, treat this event like any other day. You wouldn’t stare at the sun if you spent the day at the beach, would you? No, because your eyes wouldn’t be able to process all of the light aiming at your eyes. Doctors and experts have said that staring at the sun during a total solar eclipse may not hurt at first but, after few days your eyes will feel strained and irritated. This is all caused because of the sun rays that burn the back of the retina. Over time, this may cause your vision to become worse. Experts suggest you invest in the special glasses that are available on some sites or in stores. I have also heard that some local libraries have been giving them out for free.

| “…staring at the sun during a total solar eclipse may not hurt at first but, after few days your eyes will feel strained and irritated.”

Don’t let this scare you off. This event may be a once in a lifetime, at that and I highly recommend going to see it. In fact, I am going to be taking a road trip with some of my family to go down and see it in Missouri! I can’t wait to see something I’ve only ever seen in movies and pictures.

For those who know, I sometimes like to go all out with events and planning so, funny enough I found some total solar eclipse shirts on So, if you’re thinking of going, type in the state and you’ll see a thousand different designs!

When I leave I’ll make sure to try and take a bunch of pictures so, check out my instagram @goexplorelemonde or stay tuned for a blog post. Are any of you thinking of driving somewhere to see it? Or are you going to stay home and watch it? I’m so excited to share this solar phenomena with my family and I can’t wait to watch it!

xoxo CAT

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