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Kids at Heart: Summer Adventures

Spontaneous ideas with Lizzie always seemed to be just that: ideas. Because #1 we either get busy or #2 find something else to do that is closer and easier that our original idea. But this time was different. This time we actually followed through with our original idea AND even did more than what we planned, which was the spontaneous part of the whole day. Funny how unplanned ideas can turn your day into the best summer day…

|”But this time was different.”

We started our long day by heading down to Six Flags in Gurnee, IL. Not gonna lie it was not the best day to be down there because the lines were never ending and the heat was unbearable. But we pushed through and ended up riding X-flight, Raging Bull, and some 4D ride we had never been on. We skipped out on the others because we had gotten so thirsty and tired that we just decided to dip and head back to Lizzie’s house for a pool day while the sun was still out.

After finally escaping the crowded amusement park, we hopped in the car and headed back to Wisconsin for a relaxing pool day. As we were taking the highway North, I remembered the Jelly Belly Factory. Odd thing to just randomly think of but, for me I was thinking of free things that we could do. Because ya’ll know we ain’t rich lmao. I remember being little and spending the day there and getting a tour and some cheap candies. With that in mind, I yelled at Lizzie to get off at the next exit and that we had to go!

|”…I was thinking of free things that we could do.”

We arrived at the Factory and rushed up to the waiting room for the next tour. Realizing we were the only teens there by ourselves of course we started laughing and making jokes. AHHA just like us to do something stupid. With our factory hats on we made our way to the Jelly Belly train and hoped on. I still remember seeing a Jelly Bean fashion show while we toured the factory and cracking up.


After our tour and buying a few cheap candies we took off back on the road to finally go swimming. As we were driving up, Lizzie texted her friend Kyle and we decided to all hangout. We all ended up swimming, mini golfing, and then heading to the movies, which Lizzie NEVER goes lmao. This day turned out to be one of the best typical summer days I had that year. It’s funny how a quick road trip to IL, a free tour, and minifying and a movie can do. I’ll never take moments like those for granted because they are some of the best ones.

|”This day turned out to be one of the best typical summer days I had that year.”

xoxo CAT

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