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Girls Trip To Nashville, TN!

Howdy y’all! Im finally back and got an exciting trip to update you all on. If you’re family and friends of mine you have probably seen that over this past Spring Break my friend Lizzie and I headed to Nashville, Tennessee!

It’s been a goal of mine to travel with my best friend because she’s A-FRICKEN-MAZING! (love ya Liz Piz). And when I found out the dates for Spring Break I knew I had to start planning something with Lizzie. At first, I was planning to go to Boston because for some reason that place is on my Travel Bucket List. (I couldn’t tell ya why lol) We had a few other friends that were going to tag along but, you know how it goes when you try to plan ANYTHING with a group of people. It’s crazy hard! So, I scratched that plan and started planning a trip of Lizzie and I.

|”…a goal of mine to travel with my best friend…”

I spent probably about a week researching different flights, things to do, places to stay, etc until I finally settled on cheap flights to Boston. But, knowing my luck, just as I went back to book my flight the price had gone up! (watch out for that y’all!!) So, as I sat there sad that I wouldn’t be able to go to Boston I started to think on my feet and look up any cool cities we could go to. Because ya know, just because one bad things happens you can’t let that stop you! I started thinking New Orleans, Philadelphia, Charleston, etc. Lucky for us, we were open to anything and to be honest this is probably the best way to go when traveling because it can save ya hella money!! All we knew is that our budget was $300-$350 or less because we ain’t made of money.

|”…just because one bad things happens you can’t let that stop you!”

Finally, I stumbled upon NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE! And the best part (which I am still proud of!), is I found ROUND TRIP TICKETS forrrrrrrrrrr *drum roll please* $124! Buying tickets and booking the hotel were going to be the big ticket items coming out of our budget so, when I saw these I knew we had to book them ASAP! After booking we started looking for our hotel. By now, you probably can tell, that I will scour the internet looking for the cheapest thing so, I looked on every website I could. Finally I booked a hotel for $230, split between two people.

After booking Lizzie’s dad was nervous because it seemed like an unsafe area so, he decided to book us a hotel using his rewards points. I cancelled the hotel and this is were it begins to get messy. Long story short I had to call my credit card company about the cancelled booking and they sent me to call the hotel to ask for a refund and then to Expedia, because that was a third party source I used to book my hotel through. And basically, just a tip to everyone from what I learned is don’t book through a third party source because they have to get paid as well and most of the time even if there is a cancellation you won’t get your money back from the hotel because that money is used to also pay the third party. It’s all confusing but, if you book right though the hotel you won’t have as many issues trying to get a refund. Anyway good news I got my money back and we got a free hotel!! AYEEE

|”what I learned is don’t book through a third party source…”


With our tickets and hotel booked we were ready to start our adventure! I put a quick little video together of our trip and am super happy with how it all turned out! Hope y’all enjoy! p.s. fingers crossed Cat & Lizzie Adventures go across the pond next! ?????

xoxo CAT


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