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8 Instagramable Spots in Nashville, TN

In my last post I wrote a little bit about my trip to Nashville. Well, mostly the behind the scenes/ before we left type of stuff and that was because I wanted to make a blog post dedicated to places to go to and picturesque spots in Music City!

Lizzie and I did our research and by research I mean scrolling through millions of Instagram posts and scouting out the cutest spots in Nashville. Nowadays that’s the best way to find cute, dainty places because there are millions of photos posted. But, the hardest part is when locations are not tagged or mentioned and trust me Lizzie and I came across this many times while doing our research. And now you guys have me lol, here and ready to share some amazing places I recommend going to if you visit Nashville. (By the way if I didn’t mention before Nashville has become my new favorite place and the next place I wanna live after I graduate).

  1. “I Believe in Nashville” Mural

*Please ignore our shut eyes*!! LOL

 This mural is located in 12 South neighborhood and was done by Adrien Saporiti. 

Location: 2700 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37204




2.”Looking Pretty, Music City” Mural

Located in 12 South neighborhood this mural is colorful and cute and the perfect spot to snag a pic!

 Mural by Emily Eisenhart,

Location: 2709 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37204

3. Legendairy Milkshake Bar

This cute dessert spot has 9 signature milkshakes on their menu and also allows you to create your own! It is located in the center of Nashville at 171 3rd Ave N. When Lizzie and I found this place on Instagram, we knew we had to stop by and snag a drink!

During our first day in Tennessee we decided to head back to our hotel to chill for a bit. After awhile we decided to head back out into town around 9pm to find something to do since we were only out-of-town for about three days. We took a uber to the Legendairy Milkshake Bar and after stopping for a milkshake we hopped on a bird (the electric scooters they have around town) and started to zoom around. Right down the street we hit Broadway, which was booming since it was nighttime. We hopped off our scooters and decided to walk around on Broadway Street. Once we got past a few blocks and bars upon bars we hopped back on the birds to zoom to Walgreens to buy some groceries. (As you might be able to tell we really loved the birds) As we raced to the nearest Walgreens, which was a decent ways away, we were trying our best to get there before our scooters died since the batteries were low. We crossed the final cross walk and ran into Walgreens before they closed to buy a few things and we managed to check out just in time. After they closed the doors and we were kinda stuck with our birds dead and all. But, we managed to call a uber and make it back to our hotel safely.

Location: 171 3rd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201

4. “Nashville Looks Good On You” Mural

This mural is located in 12 South neighborhood and was done by nash tn.

Location: 2509 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37204

(you have to walk behind the one coffee shop I believe it was to get to it!)




5. Red Lip Mural

This cute spot is located in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood of Nashville and was done by the artist Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson.

Location: 1814 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212


6. Five Daughters Bakery

This place has the BEST Donuts EVERRR! and that is all. Just kidding but like really this place is crazy good and highly recommend going to to pick some up. And if you can bring me some back! Pleaseeeee ahah. Funny story but I am so willing to go back to Nashville just for these donuts that I am thinking of driving down just to pick up a dozen. And while researching, I came across their site and saw they have donut cams. And I found it the weirdest yet, funniest thing to just watch people pick out donuts ahah.

Location: 1110 Caruthers Ave, Nashville, TN 37204



7. Biscuit Love

This was our first stop in Nashville when we arrived. Perfect for grabbing a bite to eat, though it was slightly $$ expensive for what you were getting.

The staff here was wonderful and actually offered to take our photo in front of their “music city” sign.

Location: 2002 Belcourt Avenue Nashville, Tn 37212




8. #WhatLiftsYou Wings Mural


The famous wings! I see this all over Instagram and I finally found some in Nashville! Theses are located in the neighborhood The Gluch and are by the artist Kelsey Montague. 

Location: 302 11th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203




With only a few days in Nashville of course we didn’t have enough time to see EVERYTHINGGGG and now writing this I see there is even more I missed! But, I am happy to share everything with you guys so you have an idea of what else you can see in the city! For those that love art or just a free thing to do there are even more murals around the city. If you would like to see what else there is check out Nashville Guru’s page, which I have linked, for more murals and sights to see in the city!

Happy travels,

xoxo CAT

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