Why I'm choosing ASL.

Last year I was watching Switched at Birth and there is one scene that really stuck out to me. There was this girl, who was deaf, in the hospital and she was trying to tell the nurses she was allergic to a certain type of medicine. She struggled to tell the nurses and doctors that… Read More Why I'm choosing ASL.

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Where am I?

I’ve gotten so many people asking me how my french is coming along. And to tell the truth, if you want just a simple answer, I don’t know. But since people have been asking I thought I would just answer it right in this blog. So, if my simple answer didn’t please you and you… Read More Where am I?


Repas de Noël

I never knew this coming to France but, people here eat a lot of food especially  on Christmas. Todays blog will be a little quick because, I mean it’s Christmas and it’s busy. Anyway hope you enjoy.


Things You May Have Not Know

Being here in France I have learned so many things already. And I realized that the things I have figured out may not be know to other people as well. So, I decided to put together a quick list to help you guys out.

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'My Little Box' Noel

If you remember back to my first blog of this month it was about a little company (no pun intended 😉 ) called ‘My Little Box’. A few days ago I received my box for this month and I’m ready to share with you guys what was inside this months box.