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1.7 French: Similar Words

In French, surprisingly, there are many words that look like English words. There are obvious ones and then some that just change the endings. But finally there are some words that look similar but, the meanings are completely different.


Why I'm choosing ASL.

Last year I was watching Switched at Birth and there is one scene that really stuck out to me. There was this girl, who was deaf, in the hospital and she was trying to tell the nurses she was allergic to a certain type of medicine. She struggled to tell the nurses and doctors that… Read More Why I'm choosing ASL.

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Joyeux Noël

It’s the last day of Blogmas! And for today’s post I’m linking my Christmas break video but, stay tuned for a New Years Eve Part!!! *p.s. from now on, since I’m not going to be posting everyday, my plan is to post 1 blog every weekend (at least). But if I happen to write more… Read More Joyeux Noël